Three simple steps.







Play brain games.

Eleven aptitude-driven “brain games” reveal your natural abilities in skills needed for high-demand careers. Each game takes 5-8 minutes to complete. Don’t worry, you can stop, start, save, and come back at any time.

Play brain games.

Discover what makes you unique.

Discover amazingly accurate insights about how each one of your natural abilities can help you in your daily life, and see strategies for improving your performance at work or school.

Learn a personal language to describe your talents to potential employers, colleges, or family and friends.

Understand how you fit best on teams, and the type of work you’ll enjoy.

Discover what makes you unique.

Explore your paths to awesome!

Deep dive into your career compatibility and view details such as “a day in the life,” core job tasks, salaries, projected job openings, and educational investment needed.

Explore how your unique portfolio of natural abilities matches a particular career, and build a plan to get there. Feel confident about your future.

Explore your paths to awesome!

Why the science behind YouScience works.

YouScience has been validated by third-party agencies, state governments, and multiple independent academic institutions.

Why does it work? Unlike free tests that use self-reported answers, YouScience uses aptitude-driven “brain games” to measure your real abilities. Variants of these “brain games” have been in use by psychometricians for over 40 years. YouScience partnered with research foundations and psychometric institutions to create a proprietary algorithm linking your natural abilities with job skills that are critical for career success.