21st Century Skills / Employability Skills / Soft Skills

In today’s fast-paced, technology-based world, students need more than basic reading, writing, and arithmetic to thrive. It seems the deeper we dive into the Information Age (i.e., the more we become reliant on computers, devices, the Internet) the farther we drift from personability, responsible social interaction, and effective communication skills. You know, those 21st Century employability/soft skills employers are looking for.

As educators, our job is to prepare students for college, careers, and life in the real world — and that takes more than mastering the common core subjects. To prepare students for success today, and in the future, many schools weave 21st Century Skills throughout their curriculum in every class. 21st Century Skills being the fundamental necessities such as problem solving, integrity, self-motivation, collaboration, showing up dressed appropriately and on time — all the imperative nuggets of wisdom not found in textbooks.

Industry-Recognized Certification Exam

But how do we measure soft skills? Precision Exams by YouScience offers a 21st Century Success Skills certification exam that’s used in junior highs and high schools across the country — and not just in Career and Technical Education programs. It’s our most proctored exam by a landslide. In fact, when shown the standards for the 21st Century Success Skills exam, industry leaders give their nod of approval and endorse it every time.

Teachers love the 21st Century Success Skills exam because it validates students’ knowledge. When used in conjunction with pretesting and the Proctor Standard Report, a baseline of student knowledge is defined, and teachers can adjust their curriculum accordingly.

Students love it because it bolsters resumes and college applications by providing a list of skills and abilities they’ve worked hard to achieve.

Industry loves it because they know they’re getting qualified applicants to fill job requirements straight out of high school.

When it comes to guiding students towards a career path, we find incredible value in helping them understand that what they’re learning in the classroom has a direct correlation with where they want to be in the future. When they can prove their knowledge and skills with a certificate, they come out of high school with the motivation and confidence that will benefit them in every aspect of their lives.