Students are still struggling to finish college in four years. Unfortunately that trend continues to grow, and the latest statistics cast it as a nationwide problem. Based on this infographic—created by the data site FindTheBest using federal statistics from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System—all 50 states report that less than half of their postsecondary students finish in four years. (Virginia ranked highest, but with only 46% of its students graduating on time. Nevada bottomed out at 8.75%.)


Parents and students are hurting right now, because every extra year increases tens of thousands of dollars in student and parental debt. Gone are the days of worrying about getting into college. Now everybody is worried about how long it will take to get out.

This is precisely the problem that YouScience attempts to solve. We believe that the fastest way to graduate is to utilize your natural strengths and abilities. And the way to discover those is through the College Success Profile, the only scientific, online profile that shows you personally and precisely where you are most likely to succeed in life, in your postsecondary education and in your career.

Taking longer than four years is trending towards normal. But that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.