We’re parents too. We get it.

What are you going to be when you grow up?

Unfortunately, most young adults don’t have an answer to this question. Having gone through this process with our own children, we found that the tools typically used to give career guidance were incomplete and superficial. These tools cost less than a can of soda, and ended with career recommendations like Magician.

That’s what motivated us to create YouScience. We wanted to help young adults understand they have abilities, talents, and gifts that are meaningful. We wanted them to understand how their gifts and passions fit with real-world careers. We wanted to inspire them and broaden their vision of what they can truly accomplish. In the end, we want them to be successful and independent doing something they love.

We created an amazingly accurate profile that revolutionizes career guidance. We’re not afraid to boast. Why? Because of all the inspiring stories we hear from students and parents who have used YouScience. Young adults say YouScience is scary accurate, and opened their eyes to careers they had not considered. Parents love the way it describes their child’s talents and abilities, and it helped create a productive college and career discussion with their child.

We’ve used YouScience with our own children, and we’d love to hear your story.

What are you going to be when you grow up?

Sooner or later we all figure it out – that “aha” moment when we understand who we are, how we think, what we should do with our life. But what if we could do it sooner?

Alex Pastina, Client Services Supervisor

Alex Pastina

Client Services Supervisor

What I discovered using YouScience:

I’m a strong communicator with a knack for editing and proofreading.

Amy Bradley, Director of Sales

Amy Bradley

Director of Sales

What I discovered using YouScience:

I’m an extroverted generalist who is never at a loss for words.

Armando Garza, SVP Sales and Marketing

Armando Garza

SVP Sales and Marketing

What I discovered using YouScience:

Give me a puzzle to solve or a code to crack and I’m in my element.

Ben Troxler, Customer Success Specialist

Ben Troxler

Customer Success Specialist

What I discovered using YouScience:

I can spot and project trends in numbers, I am natural for building strategies for the future based on the past.

Christa Bowdish, VP of Client Services

Christa Bowdish

VP of Client Services

What I discovered using YouScience:

Collaborating with other people, especially as a coach or manager, rewards my natural talent for bringing out the best in others.

Kathryn Chance, Marketing Director

Kathryn Chance

Marketing Director

What I discovered using YouScience:

I’m good at balancing between immediate needs and long-term goals. My flexibility and persistence are real assets.

Paul Mathews, VP of Product Development

Paul Mathews

VP of Product Development

What I discovered using YouScience:

Others rely on me to explain how systems work. I see the big picture.

Philip Hardin, CEO

Philip Hardin


What I discovered using YouScience:

I’m a sequential thinker who gets how it all fits together.