Please note: As of Oct. 7, 2021, Talent Marketplace is now known as Employer Connections.


Advisory Councils are made up of local business leaders who want to be involved in training the future workforce and further contributing to the community.  

One purpose of advisory councils is to aid school boards in “identifying economic and workforce development trends related to the training and educational needs of the local community and advocating for strong, local career and technical education programs, including career pathway development that provides work-based learning opportunities for students and prepares students for post-secondary educational certifications and credentialing for high-demand careers.”

However, as well intended as these advisory councils are many educators have found it difficult to truly connect their classroom with local careers.  

But that is changing… 

The Talent Marketplace provides tangible outcomes for the industry-recognized certifications students are earning. It’s a direct connection to industry partners. 

Our Talent Marketplace allows students to explore opportunities they’re qualified for based on their natural abilities, passions, and earned certifications. Enabling students to engage with companies seeking their talent. By connecting with local businesses, you can ensure your students are being recognized for their talent and hard work and can continue down career pathways to match the current and future demand for workers. Get all your partners on board the Talent Marketplace!  

Looking for a quick way to invite them? Here is a sample email to get you started:

Hi there (industry contact), 

We are working to connect our classroom with your business by showcasing local careers. We’d love to add you to that list. 

It’s really simple; all you need to do is create a company profile. This simple 3-step process gets your business registered in the Talent Marketplace. Once in, you can indicate the skills you need from candidates; post jobs, internships, or apprenticeships, and create a company profile. 

Once complete, YouScience will match our students to local careers based on their aptitudes & program certifications. 

Here is the link to get started.  


Even if your state doesn’t require Advisory Boardsmany district leaders still establish an advisory council. Regular meetings with industry leaders a few times a year will help establish these connections and create opportunities for students in the future. Not to mention, potential donations and grant funding to support school programs.  

Moving forward, connections with industry experts allows students to focus on what they want to do, broadens their experience of prospective career fields, helps them focus on their futures, builds trust between students and teachers, & shows students the connection between classroom learning and real-world jobs. Students don’t have to choose between an education that readies them for college and one that prepares them for a career. YouScience helps educators provide both.

Want to see the magic in action? Check out this employer story.


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