Education Week | Alyson Klein | April 27, 2021

In the article, Aptitude Tests: Are They Effective in Opening Students’ Minds to More Career Paths? Alyson Klein with Education Week examines gender stereotypes and antiquated notion in a world where many students are encouraged to explore a wide range of careers. Her conclusion: stereotypes persist but aptitude tests may help students see a range of career paths.

The article references research done by the University of Missouri which compared 7,222 high school students’ natural aptitudes with their self-reported interests in manufacturing, computer technology, construction, and health care. Using both aptitude and interest tests created by YouScience, the study reveals that by only looking at interest scores, students can easily fall into a career bias based on their life experiences. That is important because even today with broad reaching technology, young people are exposed to so little.

Student life experiences and career exposure continue to be a primary driver with career ambitions. This situation is contributing to an “exposure gap”. This gap is particularly harmful to young women and minorities whose vision of opportunity can be limited by gender stereotypes and societal norms. As a result, interest surveys can steer students away from the modern economy, leading to an “imbalance in high-demand careers”.

Aptitude Tests Help Bridge The Gap

However, we have good news. Aptitude tests can help bridge this gap, helping all students – especially those who may have constrained visions of opportunity – better understand how their unique aptitudes align with 21st century careers. YouScience Discovery consists of aptitude and interest assessments which can open the door to a meaningful discussion on talent, education, salary, and opportunities in high-demand occupational fields.

We believe as students are exposed to additional opportunities, we can help significantly in helping educators prepare a diverse workforce that will be integral to a broad and lasting economic growth.

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