We’re in the business of making sure people are doing best at what they do best.

One of our missions is to make sure that young people are going to the college that is the right fit for them.

Interestingly enough, Inside Higher Ed came out with and article last month about how more students than we expect are under or overmatched when they enroll in college.

The National Bureau of Economics, who conducted the national research, found that 25% of students were overmatching, and 28% were undermatching.

While the article briefly expands on how undermatching and overmatching can be beneficial for a student, the overall conclusion is that undermatching poorly served the students.

Why are students overmatched or undermatched? A lot of it is because of lack of information and resources for parents who are helping their children make college decisions.

This is an issue that we, at YouScience, are trying to address.

Our hope is that YouScience® can help identify what schools will be an “undermatch,” “overmatch,” or “the right fit” based on your natural abilities and your passions.

If you are undermatched, then you are not using your talents, skills, and abilities to your fullest. If you’re overmatched, you may find yourself trying to keep up in areas with which you should naturally feel comfortable, and not spending the right time and energy where you should be.

With college costs increasing every year (or every semester for some!), we understand that students and parents can’t afford to find out whether the school is a match two years into the students’ college careers.

Let’s work together to make sure that students can hit the ground running with their abilities and passions at the right fit college.

We have the tools, and we’re ready for you!

Do you feel that you were over or undermatched at your university? Share your story with us!