On Nov. 14, 2017, Metro Nashville Public Schools hosted its annual “My Future, My Way” Career Exploration Fair, where 7,000 freshmen connected with local employers to explore career opportunities.

Twelve high schools in Metro Nashville Public Schools had freshmen students take YouScience Discovery before attending. Taking the assessment before the fair let the schools better direct students to careers that align with their aptitudes and interests.

Sarai, a ninth grader at McGavock High school, with an interest in music and the arts was drawn to The Frist Center for Visual Arts’ booth. She “…found her YouScience results accurate and helpful.” She said, “I’m a pianist and I also write and draw. The arts were in my aptitude results from YouScience.”

Students also explored options through the Academies of Nashville that gives them the “opportunity to take courses that can give them college credit or industry certification exams that may lead to employment right out of high school.”

Metro Nashville Schools plans to evaluate the “impact and potential for future use” of YouScience within its program.