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What is Sequential Reasoning (and Why does it Matter)?

Sequential reasoning refers to a person’s ability to mentally process and organize information. A person with high sequential reasoning skills is able to automatically shuffle and organize large amounts of information. Because these people can logically add, sort, store and retrieve information easily, they often don’t feel the need to write down ideas or have…

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Video: Fellowship Christian School and YouScience

YouScience recently partnered with Fellowship Christian School in Roswell, Ga. Watch testimonials below from students as they explain how the YouScience College Success Profile opened doors for them in terms of their college potential and academic success! To view the video, enter youscience as the password. Fellowship Christian School Testimonials

YouScience Chairman Featured on Core of Education

Richard Patton, Chairman of YouScience, was recently invited to share his thoughts on the future of education, and the revolutionary new use of aptitudes to connect students to real world opportunities. When asked where YouScience’s original beta product, Latitude, helps students most, Richard speaks to the fact that, “Academic ability is only a small portion of the continuum…

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