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How to Provide the Full-Service Community-Supported Public Schools We Need

All students have potential, but access to support and opportunity is not equally distributed. As a high school principal for 10 years, I encountered well-intentioned teachers and students racing toward adulthood with an endless variety of needs: students struggling with poverty; transience; family changes; immigration; addiction; the negative effects of trauma; and emotional, physical, and…

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Matt’s Experience With YouScience

Take a look at Matt’s experience with YouScience.  He though that he wanted to major in communications, but YouScience gave him a few other suggestions.

Case Study: Christina, College Student

I am a Psychology and Human Service Major at Clayton State University, and I took the YouScience Profile during my internship at Community Christian School in Stockbridge. My results validated some of the qualities I already knew about myself, and I discovered some new strengths. Seven years ago, when I was in high school, a…

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Case Study: Brittany, College Student

I completed the YouScience Profile in high school. The results gave me confidence to choose the best college and major for me. Currently, I am enrolled at the University of South Carolina. The YouScience results provided detailed information, which I enjoyed reviewing. The specific information on my aptitudes was very different from any other career…

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