Test finds many SCS students self-select out of lucrative career paths

By Mary Cashiola – Managing Editor, Memphis Business Journal In an effort to shepherd students — earlier — toward careers in which they may excel, Shelby County Schools participated in a program this past school year to assess the aptitudes of 1,800 middle schoolers. And what they found is that students are self-selecting away from…

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New Tool Helps Students Discover Their Aptitudes

Rutherford County Schools are using a new computer program to help middle school students better identify their aptitudes and match those to possible career paths. Eight-grade students all across the district took the YouScience Snapshot aptitude test last semester, and received reports showing them career interests, skill sets, career matches and information on college or…

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Career guidance tool helping middle Georgia students

MACON, Ga.– The YouScience program provides students the resources needed to think more practically about how their natural talents could best be used in the workforce. The YouScience program was introduced into middle Georgia schools just last year and so far its reached over 1,200 students at one school alone. Jalisa Williams attends Jones county…

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New data about student “aptitudes” could help fill worker skills gap

March 15, 2019 By: Ty Tagami, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution A mismatch between students’ innate aptitudes and their career interests may be contributing to worker shortages in high-demand, well-paying, fields. New test data being gathered for the first time in Georgia schools show many groups of students have natural propensities for, say, computer science, yet express little…

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This Nashville tech firm says it has a solution for country’s skills gap

By Joel Stinnett – Reporter, Nashville Business Journal As growing cities across the country struggle to find qualified workers for their changing economies, one Nashville company has developed a solution it thinks can build pipelines of talent. Since it hit the market in 2014, YouScience has provided online assessments for more than 200,000 students in 700 schools across…

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Can Merging The Departments of Education And Labor Really Work?

The newest occupant of the White House has broken many conventions since he’s arrived. Shattered, even. But one of the boldest moves so far is a proposal to merge the Department of Education and the Department of Labor to form a single agency: the Department of Education and the Workforce. This new agency, still enjoying…

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How to Build a Talent Pipeline to Keep Your Company Moving Forward

  With unemployment at a historic low, even successful companies in thriving industries are struggling to find employees. Compounding this issue, Americans today are less willing to move for new jobs than they were in the past. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the national “mover rate” hit a record low of 11.6 percent in 2011 and…

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How Community Leaders Can Bring a Ghost Town Back to Life

A community drained of its local economy is a heartbreaking sight, but if leaders can tap into the talent that already thrives in their neighborhood, a new one can be created. It’s a particular kind of loss — when a town that has grown and thrived around a single industry finds that the industry has…

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America Has Talent: Leveraging Aptitudes to Build a Stronger Workforce

Philip Hardin, CEO and Co-Founder, YouScience March 20, 2018 – Center for Education and Workforce TAKEAWAYS – America may have a skills gap, but we don’t have a talent gap. We must help students explore their aptitudes. Despite historically low unemployment and a growing economy, hiring skilled workers remains a challenge in many of our nation’s key…

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