Career guidance tool helping middle Georgia students

MACON, Ga.– The YouScience program provides students the resources needed to think more practically about how their natural talents could best be used in the workforce. The YouScience program was introduced into middle Georgia schools just last year and so far its reached over 1,200 students at one school alone. Jalisa Williams attends Jones county…

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How to Build a Better Tech Talent Pipeline

With potential competitors in the tech space cropping up every second, it’s more important than ever to have the talent necessary to give your business a competitive edge. In our increasingly digital world, building a strong tech talent pipeline is vital for your company to succeed. Unfortunately, research shows that goal may be difficult to…

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Some Industries Are Still Lacking Women, but Female Professionals Can Help

Rich Feller Despite all the ways in which young women are shifting perceived social bias in the workplace, there are still many careers and industries that remain unbalanced. That’s because biases take a long time to evolve — adolescents growing up in a patriarchal society take their clues about the world of work from their…

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A Pivotal Point for Opportunity in Education

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle September 18, 2018 Earlier this month, the world was captivated by the story of Geoffrey Owens – an actor famous for his 80’s TV roles who made national news when he was photographed bagging groceries at a Trader Joe’s. After a series of articles highlighted his fall from stardom, Owens took…

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You Can Find Talent Easily – But How Do You Fill the Skills Gap?

Armando Garza September 13, 2018 Talents and skills are closely related, but they’re different in a few important ways. A talent is an innate ability that you’re born with, while a skill is something you learn over time. Numerical reasoning, for example, is an innate ability, whereas accountancy is a skill. Being talented with numbers…

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Where’s the Talent? Employers and Communities Need More than Passion

Rich Feller, Ph.D, Colorado State University August 9, 2018 | U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation What do you love to do? It’s a question that drives career planning nationwide. That seemingly harmless probe is the assumption behind interest-only assessments, which have historically dominated career guidance efforts. However, these assessments are failing employers and students. Too…

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America Has Talent: Leveraging Aptitudes to Build a Stronger Workforce

Philip Hardin, CEO and Co-Founder, YouScience March 20, 2018 – Center for Education and Workforce TAKEAWAYS – America may have a skills gap, but we don’t have a talent gap. We must help students explore their aptitudes. Despite historically low unemployment and a growing economy, hiring skilled workers remains a challenge in many of our nation’s key…

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In Search Of The Life Purpose Algorithm

By Henry Doss Continued from “How Innovation Can Lead to Life Purpose” Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie.   Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well This interview is the second in a two-part series withPhilip Hardin, CEO of YouScience.  In our firstconversation, we talked at length about the science and epistemology of the YouScience approach to supporting inquiry…

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YouScience Chairman Featured on Core of Education

Richard Patton, Chairman of YouScience, was recently invited to share his thoughts on the future of education, and the revolutionary new use of aptitudes to connect students to real world opportunities. When asked where YouScience’s original beta product, Latitude, helps students most, Richard speaks to the fact that, “Academic ability is only a small portion of the continuum…

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