The Precision Exams certifications for high school students 2022–23 catalog of industry-recognized certifications is available.

Every year, YouScience exam experts work with industry subject-matter experts to review and update select Precision Exams certification exams and standards. That’s how YouScience ensures Precision Exams certificates stay accurate and aligned with the skills industry needs. All exams and standards are reviewed at least once every three years – most more frequently — to make sure they are and stay current with industry needs.

2022–23 updates at-a-glance

Image summarizes new, reviewed and updated Precision Exams for 2022-23 for a total of 46

New and updated exams of note

Perhaps the coolest of the of the year is the exam where students can prove their skills in the drone service market. That market is expected to create 100,000 new jobs by 2025.

Some of the most significant updates this year are to the six computer programming exams and standards. The exams and standards have been completely revamped for the year to ensure they stay aligned with rapidly changing technologies.

There’s also a new National Law Enforcement Certification available from LAPSEN – its first capstone certification for secondary education!

The full 2022–23 list of certifications for high school students that are new or updated

Here’s the detailed rundown of which Precision Exams certifications are new, updated, or renamed for the 2022–23 academic year.

New exams

Most new exams are released as pilot exams. What does that mean? It means the standards and exams are available, but students can’t yet earn a certification when they take the exam.

The certification isn’t available until a cut-score is set. To set the cut-score, exam specialists work with subject-matter experts (SME) input and psychometric analysis of the pilot results and other data, and a Modified-Angoff method (the most common method for determining the cut scores used for licensure and certification achievement tests).

New pilot exam name Exam no. Career cluster(s)
3D Animation II 8192 Arts, A/V Technology & Communications; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics; Information Technology
Algorithms and Data Structures 725 Information Technology
Criminal Justice Fundamentals 571 Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Floriculture, Advanced 135 Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Medical Anatomy, Advanced 703 Health Science
Unmanned Aerial Systems I 670 Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

New exam name – not in pilot Exam no. Career cluster(s)
LAPSEN National Law Enforcement Certification 565 Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Certifications that have been dropped and replaced

Some exams were dropped and the information they offered rolled into fully revised and updated versions of other exams.

Dropped exam name Exam no. Replacement exam name Exam no.
Computer Programming IB C# 828 Computer Programming II C# 828
Computer Programming IB C++ 822 Computer Programming II C++ 822
Computer Programming IB Java 824 Computer Programming II Java 824
Computer Programming IB Python 827 Computer Programming II Python 827

Exams that have updated standards and a new name

Exams are sometimes renamed to better reflect the content of the standards and exam questions.

New exam name Exam no. Previous exam name
Business Leadership I 418 Leadership Principles I
Business Leadership II 419 Leadership Principles I
Dietetics and Nutrition I 343 Food and Nutrition II
Digital Marketing 412 Advertising and Promotion
Digital Media I 560 Digital Graphic Arts I
Digital Media II 811 Digital Media I
LAPSEN National Law Enforcement Certification 575 LAPSEN Law Enforcement Assessment

Additional existing exams that were reviewed and have updated standards

Exam name Exam no.
3D Animation 819
3D Graphics 818
Automotive Service Fundamentals 505
Business Communications I 220
Business Communications II 222
Business Management 230
Computer Programming I 820
Computer Programming II C# 828
Computer Programming II C++ 822
Computer Programming II Java 824
Computer Programming II Python 827
Computer Programming, Advanced 720
Entrepreneurship 451
Event Planning and Management 430
Exercise Science and Sports Medicine 701
Floriculture 131
Greenhouse Management 132
Information Technology Fundamentals 801
Interior Design I 330
Interior Design II 333
Landscape Management 133
Marketing I 401
Medical Anatomy and Physiology 702
Nursery Operations 134
Plant and Soil Science I 140
Plant and Soil Science II 143
Retailing 407*
Small Engine Repair 501

*Formerly exam number 409.

2021–22 certifications that moved out of pilot status

The following exams, which were introduced in 2021–22 or earlier, are out of pilot status and students can now earn a certification after passing the exam or if they met the exam cut score when they took the exam while in pilot.

Exam name Exam no.
Baking and Pastry 349
Computer Science Principles 803
Computer Systems II 885
Digital Audio II 817
Human Development 301
HVAC-R 518
Justice Resource Center New York Legal Studies Exam (available in NY only)
Teaching as a Profession III 13

2021–22 exams that remain in pilot status

The following exams, which were previously introduced, remain in pilot status until a cut-score is determined. Students can’t earn a certificate until an exam is out of pilot.

Exam name Exam no.
Agricultural Machinery Technology 114
Cloud Computing I 891
Cloud Computing II 892
Database Development 860
Guide Dog Training 129
Linux Fundamentals 890
Mobile Development Fundamentals 850
Non-Destructive Testing 598
Textile Technology 356

New partner exams

In addition to the new and updated industry certificates for the 2022–23 academic year, 6 new partner exams were introduced in 2021–22.

Exam name Partner
Essential Healthcare Practices NCHSE
Foundations of Healthcare Professions NCHSE
Human Structure Function Disease A NCHSE
Human Structure Function Disease B NCHSE
IFPO Certified Protection Officer LAPSEN
NECI 9-1-1 Basic 9-1-1 Certification (9-1-1 Basic Communications) LAPSEN and NECI 9-1-1

Exams that have a new name

These exams use the previous standards, but have been renamed to better reflect industry trends.

New exam name Exam no. Previous exam name
Production Graphics I 562 Digital Graphic Arts I
Production Graphics II 564 Digital Graphic Arts II

How are certifications updated or created?

YouScience creates new exams when industry needs to validate new skills. We review exams anytime industry requirements, products or processes, or standards change and when exam performance data indicates an exam needs updated.

The intensive multistep process starts with a review committee, consisting of YouScience exam experts, education and industry SMEs, and state or association specialists, that meets to:

  • Review or modify existing exam standards.
  • Build or modify an exam blueprint to define the scope of the exam. The blueprint ensures the exam and questions align to each standard. It also acts as a guide to focus the committee on a quality product.
  • Review psychometric data for the exam and each item (question) to ensure proper performance.
  • Review, modify, or add exam content as needed for each item in the exam.
  • Based on the review and SME input, exams or individual questions on the exam are enhanced, meaning information is improved to deliver better results, deleted, or rewritten, or a new question added.
  • YouScience exam experts create a draft of the updated exam.
  • The committee reviews the draft at least three times to ensure it matches the blueprint before the updated or new exam is released.

What’s the benefit of Precision Exams certifications?

Certifications give students tangible proof of the skills and knowledge learned in career and technical education (CTE) courses. They get proof they can use to enter the workforce or skip entry-level college courses. And proof of the skills needed by industry.

Educators access validated industry standards, exams, and data. They get ready-made tools to help with preparing students for life after school. They also access tools to support their programs and meet federal and state requirements.

Pre- and posttests (where available) let them measure student growth, drive program improvements, adapt to local pathway needs, build stackable credentials, and easily meet and report on funding requirements. Data also lets educators increase diversity in certification programs to maximize funding.

Standards give employers and educators a common language about industry needs, which strengthens education-to-career connections.

Can colleges use Precision Exams certifications?

While Precision Exams certifications were initially developed for the secondary education sector, colleges do use Precision Exams Certifications, including Denmark Technical College.

Learn more about Precision Exams, see the certifications FAQs.

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