Finance is about a lot more than bean counting! You are preparing your students to understand accounting processes, economics, and even their own finances. These are the skills and knowledge they’ll need in their own lives as well as in banking or financial jobs. Precision Exams by YouScience has assessments for basic and advanced levels.



With more than 200 exams, we offer customizable solutions for your programs. 

Whether you need a full Site License, Career Cluster License, and Individual Exams – we’re flexible and here to help. Talk with a regional director to personalize a program that fits your needs. 

Career Cluster License

Certification Exams relating to a subject

We have grouped specific certifications for popular national career clusters. Explore the exams related to your focus area and within your National Career Cluster.  


Site License

Would you rather have unlimited testing and certifications for the entire school? Even better! With a site license you receive: 

  1. All data under one roof
  2. Validation for all programs
  3. Opportunity for all students to certify
  4. Teachers on the same platform

2021-22 Career Certification Brochure List