Actionable career guidance. All in one place.

Engage students and uncover their talents.

Young adults need help finding their right path. Whether they think they know what they want to do, or are unsure, choosing a career or college can be intimidating.

Our “brain games” use cutting edge technology to gather real measures of aptitudes and interests. Students then explore how their natural abilities and interests fit with over 500 careers. They also receive personalized self-advocacy language for resumes or college essay applications.

After seeing their talents explained in a meaningful way, students have an inspired confidence toward staying in school and attaining their best-fit career. Parents love the insights too!

No certifications are needed to administer it, and students have access to their results for 10 years.

Engage students and uncover their talents.

Uses 100% positive language.

We use positive language to describe their strengths, help them discover their natural abilities, expand their vision of opportunity, and give them tips and strategies to be more successful at work or school. All the information they need to be successful is included in their profile.

Uses 100% positive language.

It’s easy to implement.

We provide all the tools you need to get started. Our easy-to-use administrative portal allows you to assign assessments and track progress, as well as view, print, or share results for participants in your organization.

We have a comprehensive resource library of customizable collateral to make it simple, engaging, and seamless to implement.

And did we mention our customer service and online chat? Voted Best in Class by current customers who have switched from other services.

It’s easy to implement.

Proven and validated.

In a recent Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) report, YouScience showed statistically significant impact on students in five areas directly related to career guidance: Self-Awareness, Career Decision-Making, Self-Empowerment, Career Exploration, and Intent to Persist. The study concluded that YouScience was highly impactful in helping females, minorities and persons of low socioeconomic status improve their outcomes and career decisions.

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Proven and validated.

Now available - YouScience Snapshot!

The first career guidance platform for middle schools to capture real measures
of aptitudes
 and match  students with their best-fit career clusters.

Now available - YouScience Snapshot!

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Real professionals. Real stories.

“I require all of my new students to take YouScience before our first meeting. The pride and self-confidence that emerges after students take YouScience is remarkable. There are no negative results, so students walk away feeling better about themselves and having a better understanding of their abilities and attributes. They begin to think more carefully about the activities they engage in, and the types of schools and careers they might enjoy. ”
– Alex E.

Educational and Guidance Consultant
Founder, Dunce Labs

“YouScience provides an accurate assessment and gives each student strategies and tips to use the results in a practical way. One student remarked how it pulls many of the pieces of them all together in one place. Personally, I love our sessions where we review YouScience results because we discover something new each time. YouScience is the tool that keeps on giving!”
– Belinda W.


“Workforce development is one of the most important issues facing our district. YouScience allows our students to identify high-demand careers that best fit their natural abilities and interests. Students and parents can now make more informed educational decisions.
– Cliff Cole