“Finding a purpose in the work we do or the way we spend our time, which resonates deeply with who we think we are, is an essential part of knowing who we are.”

That dynamic quote by Sir Ken Robinson, one of England’s foremost education experts, opens this short, animated interpretation of one of his speeches.

He continues by saying, “If you don’t know what you can do, you don’t know what you might be. Human ability is often buried deep. So many people don’t know their talents, because they haven’t come upon them yet.”

At YouScience, we share this core belief with Robinson. Our Discovery assessment uses science to illuminate natural talents and abilities. Of course, we take it a step further. Beyond understanding what a student does well, we also measure interests (what he loves to do) and highlight the career opportunities that are a perfect fit.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t fitting perfectly — whether it’s the college major they’re pursuing or the job they’ve been hired to do. In the video, Robinson describes some obstacles that prevent people from finding that fit and passion. He says that, often, we are hindered by the fear that we’ll fail or the lack of approval from friends or family. He also argues that the mechanistic processes of our current educational systems inhibit our students from flourishing.

“Our success is always synergistic with our environment,” he says before concluding, “Finding your passion does change everything.”

For more from Robinson, check out his TED Talks and his book Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life.