Industry Connecting with Education

You’ve heard us talk about how industry’s involvement in education is critical. When employers step in and endorse our food industry certifications (or any certification for that matter) the workforce gap shrinks. By helping write and review exam standards students are learning in the classroom, industry is giving teachers access to relevant content and ensuring students are better prepared for future careers. Teachers get standards. Students get certifications. Jobs get filled.

Local Industry Hiring Now

The growing food chain Four Foods Group invited Family and Consumer Science educators to tour R&R BBQ. These teachers saw first-hand how offering food industry certifications prepares students for local jobs. Director of People Operations, Brandon Batt, talked about the importance of food industry certifications through Precision Exams: “We’re about to hire 500 to 1000 employees just over the next 12 months alone, so when students go and get these certificates, they’re showing us they have the aptitude and the skills that they can come in and contribute right away and help us with our growth.” 

In an article taken from Industry Engaged, Four Food Groups announced they “will hire any student that presents them with an earned certificate . . . “ in the following exams from Precision Exams:

Food and Nutrition I or II

Culinary Management

-Food Service/Culinary Arts

Customer Service

21st Century Skills

Brandon goes on to say: “I will hire anyone that possesses one of these certificates if they align with our four pillars of success: Humility, Integrity, Competence, and Positivity.” This is the perfect marriage connecting education to industry. Or rather, students to jobs. Check out the video above to see the full story.

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