Does your future talent pipeline know you exist?

Skilled workers are hard to find. Your future talent pipeline needs to know who your company is and that you offer the types of jobs they want. Because if they know who you are, when they’re ready to put their skills and education to work, they’ll knock on your door first.  

With YouScience Employer Connections, skilled prospective employees become aware of your company. They’re matched to your company based on your needs and the best-fit careers for their natural talents and interests. That means they’re naturally wired to perform well in the roles you need to fill.


Get in front of your future talent pipeline of skilled, best-fit local talent. 

When you join Employer Connections, your company is showcased in YouScience Discovery. In Discovery, students and others see employer opportunities after they complete their aptitude and interest inventory. And as they earn certifications through Precision Exams by YouScience, they see companies who need those certifications too.

Discovery shows students their natural talents and best-fit careers based on their talents and interests. It shows students the education paths to best prepare for those careers. And it shows students your company as a place to put their talents, interests, education, and earned certifications to work — a company they may have never known existed or considered working for.

See how YouScience builds brand awareness for your company and brings skilled, best-fit talent to your future workforce.


Get in front of tomorrow’s talent in minutes. 

It’s quick and easy through Employer Connections to build your employer brand and get found by the future talent you need for jobs, internships, apprenticeships, and more. Registering takes just minutes. It’s free and requires only a little information and your company logo.

Register today or contact us to learn more about getting in front of the best-fit skilled talent you need today and for your future talent pipeline.

“The best way to build grassroot applicants who know your community right from the start is getting involved in education and programs like YouScience.” 

Shad Canestrino, Lieutenant, Lodi, CA