On Dec. 6, 2017, Engineering News-Record reported that the Georgia building industry is using YouScience Discovery to guide students with aptitudes in construction towards careers in construction after seeing a huge decline in interest over the years. 

Mike Dunham, chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors’ Georgia chapter noted that while distributing awards at a ceremony for safety in construction, of the nearly 860 supervisors who submitted applications for the award, more than 50% were 50 years old or older and that 26% were over the age of 60.

Of a trend, not only affecting Georgia, but the entire nation, Dunham stated, “People are leaving our industry just because they’re growing old and retiring, yet young men and women don’t see construction as a career path. For every four and a half to five people who are aging out of our marketplace, we’re only putting one person back in.”

Read how Dunham and others are using YouScience Discovery to help drive younger workers to the construction field in the full article, Georgia Group Creates Innovative Recruiting Partnership, on the Engineering News-Record website.