YouScience® meets students needs regardless of whether they’re in a formal education setting or not. Using YouScience® Aptitude & Career Discovery, students can identify their unique talents and interests through brain-game-like exercises. Their results connect them to the best-fit career and postsecondary education pathways for their aptitudes and interests. Students can see employers and postsecondary options, exposing them to opportunities like internships, apprenticeships, trade schools, and traditional 2-year and 4-year colleges. At YouScience, we understand the pressures in the educational system. Our platform is designed to assist both parents and students in making the best, most informed decisions that will lead to future success. Below are five ways that homeschool parents and students can use YouScience to enhance the teaching and learning experience from both sides.

1. Career exploration

Students can explore many career options from the comfort of their home. Pulling from their aptitudes, combining them with their interests, and showing what jobs are in-demand, students are shown personalized pathways just for them. This saves parents time, where they can spend less time looking for resources and more time supporting their children in what they want to do.

2. College planning

After being in a homeschooled learning environment, the thought of college can be daunting. Parents worry about the cost of education, and students are overwhelmed by the number of options available. YouScience helps students narrow their choices based on their career fit, areas of study, location, tuition, or school type. Students can find institutions that align with their strengths, and parents can feel confident in their child’s postsecondary decision.

3. Personal development

Students may only know themselves in the context of school, home or both. Rather than having the parent tell the student who they are, the student can use their YouScience aptitude results to see who they are from another unbiased perspective. This allows students to become more confident in their abilities and gives parents direction on what activities to do to aid in their child’s development.

4. Career readiness

Knowing what path homeschooled students need to take can be confusing for both parents and students. YouScience’s platform will generate career paths based on aptitude and interest fit, education requirements, job salary, and future growth. This provides direction for the parents and students, where students can see the end goal, and parents know what steps they need to take to get there.

5. Skills development

Parents want to ensure their students have the necessary skills they need to be successful, while students need the right skills to compete in this economy. By identifying a student’s top aptitudes, they can focus on how they best learn, interact and communicate with others. YouScience gives individualized feedback to students on what is easy and difficult for them. This helps the student know what to look for and gives the parent trust in their child to make the right choices. Homeschooling is very tailored to the student and their experiences. At YouScience, we understand the value of having a personalized approach to empower and engage students. Using Aptitude & Career Discovery, your student will receive individualized pathways that will lead them to success. Parents will also find support where they can use our platform to more effectively plan lessons based on their child’s abilities and interests.

Want to learn more?

Purchase Aptitude & Career Discovery to find what aptitudes your student possesses. If you want to learn more about homeschooling in today’s world, check out a company YouScience is working with called, It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool. Check out the podcast or join the Facebook group to find out what others like you are doing.