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Did you know our students are taking @YouScienceLLC this year? Watch here to learn how this tool will prepare your child for their future! https://vimeo.com/303157076

Have you heard that our students are taking @YouScienceLLC this year? What is YouScience? Learn more here: www.youscience.com 

Our students will be taking @YouScienceLLC this year. This is a career guidance tool that will match your child’s natural abilities with their passions. This program is meant to expose students to a range of career opportunities that fit their skills and to get students thinking about their future. 

We are taking @YouScienceLLC this week! Be sure to ask your student about these fun, challenging brain games! We’ve put together some FAQs and Conversation Starters for you here. Check them out. www.youscience.com/parents 

The @YouScienceLLC results are in! Go over your child’s results with them to see how their natural abilities align with their interests. 

Did you know that your child’s @YouScienceLLC results can be accessed from your mobile phone? 

Have you viewed your child’s @YouScienceLLC results with them? Tell us what you thought!