Feb. 20, 2022, Kathleen Furore with Tribune Content Agency sat down with Edson Barton, CEO of YouScience, to discuss Career and Technical Education (CTE). In the interview titled, “We’re Shining a Spotlight on Career and Technical Education Month with Help From an Expert,” Barton talked about the hands-on experience students get when enrolled in CTE programs and how that connects them to real-world experiences, which is key to keeping students engaged in education. 

Barton also touched on data that suggests graduation rates go up significantly when students participate in CTE. He talked about how it’s been found that students who take CTE courses earn higher salaries eight years after graduation than students who don’t. 

Barton said, “Research shows that students in CTE courses not only perform better, but they are more engaged and have higher graduation rates. CTE programs help students see the relevance of their studies for their future and motivate them to attend classes and study harder.”

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