At YouScience, we believe in the transformative power of education and the profound impact educators have on shaping the lives and futures of their students.

Today, we are thrilled to recognize and celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of Principal Steven Mazzola and Counselor Darlene Goff, the winners of the inaugural YouScience® Innovative Educator Award.

Their commitment to utilizing innovative tools and their passion for guiding students on their career exploration journeys are inspiring examples that highlight the profound impact educators can have on bridging the skills gap and shaping a brighter future for our nation.

Mazzola and Goff have redefined innovation in education, leaving an indelible mark on their students’ lives and embodying the spirit of empowering the next generation of professionals.

A catalyst for student success in Yonkers, NY

Principal Steven Mazzola has emerged as a true educational trailblazer at Saunders Trades and Technical High School in Yonkers, New York. With more than 30 years of experience in education—20 of which as Saunders’ principal—he has consistently pushed boundaries and transformed the educational landscape. Through his innovative approach, Saunders has achieved remarkable graduation rates of 94-98% or higher year after year.

Highlights of Principal Mazzola’s accomplishments:

  • Integration of career and technical education (CTE) courses with academic programs, providing a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for both employment and college.
  • Introduction of YouScience to help students identify their best-fit career paths and quantify their skills, empowering them to make informed decisions about their futures.
  • Creation of a positive and inclusive learning environment that embraces diversity and fosters student success.

Principal Mazzola has decided to embark on a well-deserved retirement journey, but his legacy will forever inspire generations of students to come. We extend our deepest gratitude to Principal Mazzola for his exceptional contributions and wish him a fulfilling and joyful retirement, knowing that his influence will continue to shape the lives of many.

Guiding students towards brighter horizons in Henderson, TN

In the heart of Henderson, Tennessee, Darlene Goff shines as a beacon of inspiration at Chester County Junior High School, where she has spearheaded a transformative educational experience for her students. Recognizing the critical need for clarity in high school educational pathways, Darlene harnessed the power of YouScience® Insights & Analytics to provide personalized guidance and unwavering support to her eighth-grade students.

Highlights of Counselor Goff’s achievements:

  • True focus on individualized guidance, ensuring that each student’s unique needs and aspirations are understood and addressed.
  • Utilization of Insights & Analytics to help students gain certainty about their future academic pathways, empowering them to make informed decisions about their educational and career goals.
  • Organization of one-on-one sessions with teachers from aptitude-fit programs, providing personalized guidance and encouragement to students on the cusp of discovering their individual pathways.

Darlene’s exceptional efforts have not only empowered the eighth-grade students who were uncertain about their future pathways but have also ignited a renewed sense of motivation and self-belief. Her dedication and guidance have equipped these students with the confidence and purpose they need to embark on their future journeys.

Recognizing the power of innovative educators

Principal Mazzola and Counselor Goff epitomize the exceptional educators who are making a profound impact on students’ lives. Their commitment to innovation, personalized guidance, and nurturing supportive environments has ignited a passion for learning, unlocking doors of opportunity for countless students.

We invite the entire YouScience community to join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of these two educators. Their unwavering dedication to student success, forward-thinking approaches, and remarkable results serve as an inspiration to us all.

At YouScience, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower educators and students on their educational and career exploration journeys. The Innovative Educator Award is our way of recognizing and honoring those who are making a significant impact in fostering innovation and transforming lives. Congratulations to Principal Steven Mazzola and School Counselor Darlene Goff for their well-deserved recognition. Together, let us continue to create a brighter future for all students.

Educators, students, and parents are encouraged to nominate deserving educators who are making a significant impact in career exploration using YouScience products. Nominations can be submitted by completing a submission form.