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Workforce Development at the Heart of Labor Day: YouScience Directs Young Adults for Post-Secondary and Career Success
YouScience platform revolutionizes the career decision making process for
young adults ages 16-26 and streamlines the workforce supply chain

ATLANTA (Aug. 31, 2015) – YouScience would like to recognize all hard-working Americans this Labor Day for their tireless and dedicated efforts to make this country great. Unfortunately, many workers do not actually enjoy their jobs or careers because they are not maximizing their talents. YouScience has developed the first holistic online program that allows young adults to combine their aptitudes, interests and career opportunities to confidently set a direction for education and career success.

“Labor Day is about celebrating American workers. At YouScience, we assist students discover their paths to success earlier in their lives, which is vitally important to groom the workforce of tomorrow,” said Philip Hardin, CEO of YouScience. “By providing these tools, we help students make more informed career and education decisions. This allows young adults to select an education path that saves both time and money by avoiding college and career misfires and, as important, inform them about a variety of careers in which they will succeed and be happy.”

Why is this decision-making process so important to the US workforce? Statistics that are shaping this major societal issue include:

  • $1.2 Trillion in consumer education debt
  • 54% of college graduates are under/unemployed
  • Only 59% of four year college students graduate from college within six years
  • College tuition has risen 580% since 1981

In Georgia, State Senator Lindsey Tippins is partnering with YouScience in order to improve these statistics. Recently, Tippins announced that the State will provide 20,000 high school sophomores and juniors across the state access to personalized YouScience Profiles.

“It’s important to potential employers and future employees in this state that we develop our students into young adults who enjoy and thrive in their chosen career pathway,” said Tippins. “Students that utilize YouScience will have an opportunity to address the daunting adult issues students’ statewide face, which include career readiness, career satisfaction, career retention and postsecondary education debt, as well as unemployment and underemployment.”

While steeped in proven scientific methodology, the YouScience Profile engages students in a consumer-friendly online experience. YouScience is the only holistic approach that allows students to find the intersection of the natural abilities (what they do well), specific interests (what they love to do) and career opportunities (what the job market needs). The resulting online YouScience Profile makes it easy for counselors and parents to engage students in meaningful dialogue.

For more information about YouScience, please visit www.YouScience.com.

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About YouScience
YouScience is revolutionizing the way students and young adults plan and make decisions about their future. Our patent-pending, scientific approach helps individuals successfully transition from high school to post-secondary to career. The YouScience profile combines aptitudes plus interests plus opportunities with detailed personal feedback, which results in an education and career mapping process. Available direct to consumers at its website or through select high schools, colleges and independent consultants, YouScience assists individuals more quickly reveal their paths to success. Founded in 2012, the privately-held company is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. For more information, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or visit www.youscience.com.