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YouScience uses a series of engaging ‘brain games’ to objectively measure aptitudes most important to career choice. The results include a discovery profile designed to help students better understand their natural abilities, broaden awareness of career opportunities, and make more informed decisions about their individual pathway from school to career. Additionally, YouScience equips counselors with innovative tools and data to align students with educational opportunities.

1. What are your top two aptitudes (talents)?

2. Let's click through the rest of your aptitude wheel.

Conversation Starters

3. Are you surprised by any of your strengths?

4. What three types of work most interest you?

5. Do you think understanding your aptitudes and interests will help you better plan for high school and beyond?

7. Let's talk about your career field matches! What are your top 3 career fields?

6. What things do you like to do now that fit into these categories?

8. What kind of jobs do you think fall into these categories?

12. Did any of your career recommendations surprise you?

14. Which are you most excited to learn about? Why?

11. Based on this information, what are some of the subjects you might like to study in high school?

15. What responsibilities of that career(s) do you think you would most enjoy?

10. Before the Snapshot assessment, had you heard of or considered that career(s)? If you had heard of it, but not considered it, why?

13. What can I do to help you learn more and start on a path towards your goal?

9. Let's explore the career fields and see what kind of jobs they include.

8. What kind of jobs do you think fall into these categories?