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YouScience uses a series of engaging ‘brain games’ to objectively measure aptitudes most important to career choice. The results include a discovery profile designed to help students better understand their natural abilities, broaden awareness of career opportunities, and make more informed decisions about their individual pathway from school to career. Additionally, YouScience equips counselors with innovative tools and data to align students with educational opportunities.

The insights students get from Snapshot are meaningful and actionable.  We want parents to be in the know and able to engage their students in conversation about their results and plans for the future.  We have provided some FAQs and conversation starters to help get them talking!   

What is YouScience Snapshot?

YouScience is an online assessment that uses  5 "brain games" and an interest profiler to find where passions and talents meet.  We then match each student to high-demand career fields and recommend the paths that best fit their natural abilities.

Most school guidance relies on interest-only surveys, but YouScience Snapshot goes beyond that to measure natural abilities. While interests can be limited by exposure and understanding, aptitudes are able to give a broader spectrum of options and opportunities. Most importantly, you will never see a score in the Snapshot results. There is no pass/fail or good/bad. Every student has talent - we want to help them understand what makes them great and how to make most of it. 

How is Snapshot different than other tests?

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Conversation Starters

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Great news!  Your student now has access to YouScience Snapshot - a tool that will help them discover where their natural talents and passions meet. 

Through a series of engaging "brain games," Snapshot measures aptitudes (natural abilities most important to career choice).  We then match those talents (combined with interests) to high-demand career fields.

Snapshot has been proven to engage students and help them discover, affirm and explore their talents, so they can make more informed decisions high school and beyond.