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Our students will take Snapshot by @You_Science this year! Watch here to learn more about how this tool will guide your child to success! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayEAkTxktcI&t=10s

Did you know your student will be taking Snapshot by @You_Science at school this year? It is a tool to connect students to high-demand careers based on their aptitudes and interests. 

We will be taking Snapshot by @You_Science this week. Make sure to ask your student about these fun, challenging brain games! What did your student think about the @You_Science brain games?

Snapshot by @You_Science results are in! Ask your student to see theirs. 

Have you checked your student’s Snapshot by @You_Science results yet? What did you think?

The goal of using Snapshot by @You_Science is to expose students to a variety of career opportunities and get them thinking about their future. Has this happened with your student?

Did you know that your child’s Snapshot by @You_Science results can be accessed from your mobile phone? Login at https://app.youscience.com/credentials_verification