Nov. 27, 2017, Jason Gonzales from the Tennessean reported that the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce purchased 4,000 licenses of YouScience Discovery for Metro Nashville Public Schools “as a way to help students understand how their abilities align to real-world careers.”

 Freshmen across the district are taking YouScience Discovery. They’re using their results to discover their aptitudes and research career opportunities that align with those aptitudes. 

 “The objective is to see what kids are interested in at school,” said Ameerah Palacios, Academies of Nashville program manager. “We still want them to get exposure even if it isn’t a school pathway. We are thinking about how to support those students.”

 According to Gonzales, “The Nashville school district plans to use the information from this year to better tailor the Academies of Nashville and school programs to student interests through the use of YouScience [Discovery].”

 Read the full article, Nashville Schools Looks to YouScience Program to Connect Freshman to Careers, on the Tennessean website.