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The purpose of the health science certificates is to measure and document student knowledge and to inform classroom instruction. By offering more health science certificate choices, health science programs can choose appropriate certificates that meet the needs and intricacies of their individual programs for more beneficial assessment information and performance.

National Health Science Standards (NHSS)

The National Health Science Standards (NHSS) offer an answer to the question, " What does a health professional need to know and be able to contribute to the delivery of safe and effective healthcare?" The standards represent core expectations transferrable to many health professions.

Curriculum Course Standards

The curriculum course standards were designed to efficiently and effectively deliver a health science program in its entirety while also providing students with flexibility and alternative opportunities within their course offerings. This four-course curriculum framework serves as an example of various possibilities for secondary health science programs to help facilitate development of high quality programs.

These courses may be delivered in any order or independently. Each course has a corresponding end of course certificate assessment. The health science curriculum course standards are intentionally aligned to the National Health Science Standards.

Additional Health Science Certificates through YouScience

Health science is one of the fastest-growing segments of our economy. Ensuring your students are preparing for health care jobs is more important than ever. Additional health science certificate exams are available through YouScience. Click here to learn more.


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