YouScience Snapshot- Now Available in Middle Schools

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 7, 2019 CONTACT Alexandra  Sollberger  
Nashville Tech Company Releases Innovative Career Guidance Tool for Middle School Students   Recognizing growing demand for early career guidance, YouScience introduces Snapshot for middle school students  Nashville, TN – YouScience, a technology company offering aptitude-based career guidance tools to align education with workforce demands, has rolled out…

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How to Build a Better Tech Talent Pipeline

With potential competitors in the tech space cropping up every second, it’s more important than ever to have the talent necessary to give your business a competitive edge. In our increasingly digital world, building a strong tech talent pipeline is vital for your company to succeed. Unfortunately, research shows that goal may be difficult to…

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How to Provide the Full-Service Community-Supported Public Schools We Need

All students have potential, but access to support and opportunity is not equally distributed. As a high school principal for 10 years, I encountered well-intentioned teachers and students racing toward adulthood with an endless variety of needs: students struggling with poverty; transience; family changes; immigration; addiction; the negative effects of trauma; and emotional, physical, and…

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4 Ways to Recruit the Now Generation and the Next Generation

Watch out, Gen Xers — according to the Pew Research Center, Millennials have gained the majority and now comprise the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Clearly, companies competing for top talent are already tapping into this labor pool in order to meet their recruiting needs. It’s time to evaluate what’s working in Millennial talent acquisition and strategize for post-Millennial…

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YouScience CEO Discusses Talent Development at U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Nashville’s YouScience CEO and co-founder Philip Hardin recently joined leaders from Bank of America and FedEx for a panel discussion on “Building Talent from Scratch” at the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s annual talent development conference, “Talent Forward: Workforce Challenges, Employer-Led Solutions,” in Washington, D.C. The panel examined opportunities for employers to play a more active and engaged role…

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Tennessee Partnership Aims to Strengthen School-to-Workforce Pipeline in Economically Disadvantaged Counties

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Tennessee Valley Authority, Tennessee Higher Education Commission partner to offer YouScience career guidance tool to students   NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in partnership with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), today announced a partnership to provide a one-of-a-kind career…

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This Nashville tech firm says it has a solution for country’s skills gap

By Joel Stinnett – Reporter, Nashville Business Journal As growing cities across the country struggle to find qualified workers for their changing economies, one Nashville company has developed a solution it thinks can build pipelines of talent. Since it hit the market in 2014, YouScience has provided online assessments for more than 200,000 students in 700 schools across…

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Can Merging The Departments of Education And Labor Really Work?

The newest occupant of the White House has broken many conventions since he’s arrived. Shattered, even. But one of the boldest moves so far is a proposal to merge the Department of Education and the Department of Labor to form a single agency: the Department of Education and the Workforce. This new agency, still enjoying…

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How to Build a Talent Pipeline to Keep Your Company Moving Forward

  With unemployment at a historic low, even successful companies in thriving industries are struggling to find employees. Compounding this issue, Americans today are less willing to move for new jobs than they were in the past. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the national “mover rate” hit a record low of 11.6 percent in 2011 and…

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How Community Leaders Can Bring a Ghost Town Back to Life

A community drained of its local economy is a heartbreaking sight, but if leaders can tap into the talent that already thrives in their neighborhood, a new one can be created. It’s a particular kind of loss — when a town that has grown and thrived around a single industry finds that the industry has…

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