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Full Employment

With the new school year underway, Walton Works is gearing up for its second year of connecting local students to local companies. Walton Works is an arm of the Development Authority of Walton County focused on employability and uniting the sometimes separated worlds of high schools, technical schools and industry. Last year was the first…

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Students have more ability than interest for high-demand jobs

Arkansas students have greater natural talent than interest for high-demand jobs in the state, and those who only base their career choice on interest might be led away from jobs that have a greater economic impact, according to results from a new aptitude report. Nashville-based technology company YouScience released the report after surveying 7,060 Arkansas…

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Report confirms Tuscaloosa students well-suited for in-demand career opportunities

Newly-released career aptitude data shows diverse talent pool to support key Alabama industries NASHVILLE, TN – Representatives from YouScience and the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama today unveiled data from a new talent pipeline report showcasing Tuscaloosa high school students’ aptitudes for careers in health care, information technology, construction, manufacturing, and distribution logistics.  The data was released during a presentation at the annual Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives…

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Fisk University Works to Provide Enhanced Career Guidance for Students

New partnership with YouScience helps connect students with in-demand job opportunities. NASHVILLE, TN – Fisk University today announced a new effort to help students better understand how their natural abilities align with today’s workforce and plan proactive education pathways to pursue in-demand jobs.   The institution has partnered with Nashville-based edtech company YouScience to provide a cutting-edge aptitude assessment tool…

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Test finds many SCS students self-select out of lucrative career paths

By Mary Cashiola – Managing Editor, Memphis Business Journal In an effort to shepherd students — earlier — toward careers in which they may excel, Shelby County Schools participated in a program this past school year to assess the aptitudes of 1,800 middle schoolers. And what they found is that students are self-selecting away from…

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Tennessee Talent Pipeline

To see the full Tennessee Talent Pipeline Report, visit

Nebraska Talent Pipeline

To see the full Nebraska Talent Pipeline Report, visit

Colorado Talent Pipeline

To see the full Colorado Talent Pipeline Report, visit

Alabama Talent Pipeline

To see the full Alabama Talent Pipeline Report, visit

New Tool Helps Students Discover Their Aptitudes

Rutherford County Schools are using a new computer program to help middle school students better identify their aptitudes and match those to possible career paths. Eight-grade students all across the district took the YouScience Snapshot aptitude test last semester, and received reports showing them career interests, skill sets, career matches and information on college or…

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