To help students meet the needs of tomorrow’s workflorce, Precision Exams Released New Skill Certifications for Engineering, Recreation, Mechanical Design and Robotics.

Silicon Slopes; October 6, 2016 – Precision Exams has released eleven (11) new Career and Technical Education (CTE) exams aimed at preparing students for the future workforce. The exams were created in collaboration with industry experts, designed to test specific skills, and explore new labor demands in the emerging workforce. With the addition of these new exams, Precision Exams offers over 160 industry-aligned exams in the 16 National Career Clusters. The standards used to develop the content for the exams are continually reviewed and released each year to reflect the latest needs of industry, drive innovation, prepare the future workforce and development industry best practices.

“Career and Technical Education is the greatest tool we have to prepare our students for what industry needs today and in the future. With business facing new challenges, innovations and technology every day,” said Edson Barton, founder of Precision Exams, “our educators are continuously looking for ways to prepare students with the skills businesses need to face these challenges. Our exams provide the reliable, up-to-date standards educators may use to foster new ideas and innovate their lesson plans.”

Precision Exams has a proprietary interactive testing system which supports the ideation, creation and development of exam content. Tests are designed to assess student understanding, helping educators and state education boards certify that the student is prepared for a career in that field. The exams added for the 2017 school year are maintained with Precision Exams test delivery system and are immediately available for schools and districts with an unlimited site license. The following have been added to the library of tests:

Reports contained within the Precision Exam system also provide educators with detailed performance information that educators may use to make better decisions in the classroom. In a whitepaper delivered earlier this year titled, “For the Makers of Tomorrow”, Precision Exams investigated how Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are positioned to engage students in school and inspire students to reach for a career they will love.  Detailed in the report is how students who engage in CTE generally demonstrate an increased high school graduation rate and are better prepared for postsecondary success. These two indicators are vital as educators work to develop workplace skills for our growing economy.

With the addition of these exams, Precision Exams is working to help educators be positioned to prepare the next generation of professionals for the ever-expanding and ever-changing workforce.  Along with their testing services, Precision Exams provides educators with insights and strategies for managing CTE programs — now and in the future. The research they provide has revealed that, despite challenges like speed and scale, educators universally agree that preparing students for a career they will love needs to be a priority if we are to maintain a strong economy. 

For a complete list of exams offered by Precision Exams visit www.precisionexams.com/exams


Precision Exams is built on the belief that the future of America depends on the next generation’s ability to create. In today’s hyper-competitive markets, we need makers, doers, artists, and craftsmen to solve the problems of tomorrow. With over 4,000,000 assessments delivered across the country, Precision Exams provide comprehensive solutions with a client-focused approach to test development and delivery, stockholder reporting, and psychometric analysis. With schools and districts using their exams in nearly every state in America, Precision drives innovation to improve the way the next generation works and lives.