Note: Content was updated May 2022 to reflect exam name changes made in 2019.

Silicon Slopes; August 7, 2019 — Precision Exams has released nine new Career and Technical Education (CTE) exams in preparation for the 2019 school year. The exams were created in collaboration with education and industry experts designed to certify students in specific knowledge and skill sets and prepare them for college and career pathways.

Jody Smith, director of exam development, states: “Precision Exams works closely with subject-matter experts (SMEs) from various industries to keep our content up-to-date and relevant to today’s jobs. Each of our exams is reviewed on a one-to-three-year cycle by a group of SMEs from industries and education. We closely monitor rapidly advancing areas to stay abreast of changes. When industries adapt and change, so do we.”

The new exams are as follows:

In addition to adding new titles, Precision Exams has reviewed and updated 21 existing certification exams in their library. These exams include Natural Resource Science I and II, Robotics I and II, and Business Law — to name a few.

Exams that have been reviewed, updated, and had a name change: 

Previous Name New Name  Exam #
Education: Instruction and Classroom Strategies I Teaching as a Profession I 11
Education: Instruction and Classroom Strategies II Teaching as a Profession II 12
Accounting, Advanced Accounting III 213
Advanced Commercial Photography Commercial Photography 539
Advanced Graphic Communications Digital Graphic Arts III 564
Advanced Interior Design Interior Design III 335
Apparel and Design Production II Apparel Design and Production II 353
Basic Digital Photography Digital Photography 537
Basic Film Photography Film Photography 535
Business Web Page Design Business Web Page Design I 254
Business Web Page Design, Advanced Business Web Page Design II 256
Computer Programming IA Computer Programming I 820
Computer Technology Computer Technology I 250
Exercise Science/Sports Medicine Exercise Science and Sports Medicine 701
Fashion Design Merchandising Fashion Design Merchandising I 405
Fashion Design Merchandising, Advanced Fashion Design Merchandising II 406
Intermediate Graphic Communication Digital Graphic Arts II 562
Introduction to Automotive Service Automotive Service Fundamentals 505
Introduction to Graphics Communication Digital Graphic Arts I 560
Introduction to Health Sciences Health Science Fundamentals 700
Introduction to Information Technology Information Technology Fundamentals 801
Introduction to Marketing Marketing Fundamentals 400
Leadership Principles Leadership Principles I 418
Television Broadcasting Television Broadcasting I 590
Travel and Tourism Hospitality and Tourism 410
Welding Technician, Entry Welding Technician I 595
Welding Technician, Intermediate Welding Technician II 596
Welding, Advanced Welding Technician III 597
Equine Science A Equine Science

Every certification developed by Precision Exams is created because industry expresses a need. The purpose behind exam creation is to involve industry leaders in helping to create knowledge standards that districts and teachers can use in the classroom to better prepare students for careers right out of high school. Having certification exams created from a clear set of knowledge standards based off industry needs means that educators, students, and local businesses succeed.

In today’s ever-growing economy, we’re preparing students to fulfill industry needs — now and for the future.


Precision Exams is built on the belief that the future of America depends on the next generation’s ability to create. In today’s hyper-competitive markets, we need makers, doers, artists, and craftsmen to solve the problems of tomorrow. With over 4,000,000 assessments delivered across the country, our solutions include a comprehensive and client-focused approach to test development and delivery, stakeholder reporting, and psychometric analysis.