On Aug. 27, 2021, Govtech.com reported that career and technical education (CTE) teachers are using the YouScience Platform to uncover students’ aptitudes to create tailored education pathways for individual students.

Once students’ aptitudes are uncovered, instructors use those aptitudes to get students in the right courses. Classes can include CTE courses that may use certification exams from Precision Exams by YouScience, which include more than 200 exams for in-demand fields.

Precision Exams by YouScience offers both the exams and detailed standards that teachers can use to guide curriculums, and students can use as a study guide.

By assessing students’ aptitudes with YouScience Discovery, a part of the YouScience Platform, CTE instructors can remove gender bias and place students in the best program for their actual talents, not just their self-reported interests.

“What we’ve found is that there are direct ties [between] careers and how people like to approach and solve problems, and so we map a user’s unique talent to thousands of careers nationwide, which allows students to explore how their unique mind can approach careers,” YouScience Marketing Director Bridget Fowers said. “By exposing them to those careers that they didn’t know existed, they can now explore the pathway you need to get there.”

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