On July 9, 2019, Talk Business & Politics published a report highlighting a YouScience study that revealed students in Arkansas have “greater natural talent than interest for high-demand jobs in the state.”

Using the YouScience Discovery aptitude assessment, educators can remove social and gender biases to guide students towards the best program for their actual talents, not just their self-reported interests.

In the survey of 7,060 students from 20 high schools in Arkansas:

  • Interest-only surveys recommended 76% of students to pursue careers in arts and entertainment, education, social work and life sciences compared to 28% of students with aptitude-based recommendations from Discovery.
  • Discovery showed an equal playing field for males and females with high aptitudes in computer, architecture and engineering, and healthcare jobs.

The article quotes Armando Garza, then senior vice president of sales and marketing for YouScience, as saying, “Interests change over time. They’re a function of exposure. Whereas your aptitudes remain fairly stable.”

Find the full article, Report: Students have more ability than interest for high-demand jobs, on the Talk Business & Politics website.