Teacher Collaboration

When teachers come together in education, student learning and achievement grows. Sharing ideas, resources, and experiences allows teachers to tap into various perspectives and ideas that provide opportunities for students to learn and succeed in non-traditional ways.

Learning Styles

Every student has a preferred method of learning. There are visual and auditory learners. And those who learn through experiences and hands-on instruction. When it comes down to it, there’s a myriad of learning styles packed neatly into one classroom. One size fits all does not apply to education; and teacher collaboration is just one way to ensure the needs of individual students are met.

Customer Service Boot Camp

Dave Dillion, a teacher at Riverside Virtual High School, took this notion to heart when he designed a week-long customer service boot camp that incorporated Precision Exams By YouScience Customer Service Knowledge Standards and pre and post-assessments. The students that participated in this 40-hour training experienced a wide array of teaching styles including lectures, role-play, customer service observation at the mall, a local college tour, and (ending on a high note) mock job interviews from local businesses.

Students came out of the boot camp with a knowledge of how their individual strengths can be used in customer service, experience interviewing for jobs, and an industry-recognized certification: a certification that offers incredible value by listing skills and abilities endorsed by business leaders that can be used on for job interviews and college applications.

Talent Connection

When students understand the connection between what they’re learning in school and how it pertains to real-world scenarios, they pay more attention to content, work harder, and show enthusiasm for learning. Just ask these Riverside Virtual students who gave up a week of their summer vacation to earn a Precision Exams Customer Service Certification.

The layout of this boot camp added value for teachers, students, and industry by incorporating the following:

Precision Exams By YouScience Knowledge Standards –  provided blueprints for boot camp subject-matter

Precision Exams By YouScience Pre-Assessments – established a baseline of student knowledge and allowed students to preview future content

Precision Exams By YouScience Post-Assessments – provided a measurement of student growth from the pre-assessment

Industry-Recognized Certifications – students earned a certificate endorsed by various businesses documenting knowledge and skills for resumes and college applications

Industry involvement – local business leaders learned how beneficial collaboration between industry and education is, provided experience for mock interviews, AND had a first-hand look at what students are learning in the classroom

Hands-on, practical educational experience where students learned, observed, practiced, and certified with marketable job skills

At YouScience, we’re all about encouraging out-of-the-box, over-the-top learning experiences. If you’re using YouScience Certification Exams to do awesome things in your classroom, we’d love to spotlight your creativity and help spark creative ideas for other teachers. Reach out and let us know!