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With YouScience® as your partner, unleash students’ full potential by utilizing the only online aptitude-based guidance platform that leverages data to match students with best-fit pathways and certifications.
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Brightpath helps educators and administrators focus on the joy of making a difference in the lives of students. Brightpath provides tools to easily organize and manage student planning and progress, seamlessly integrate records through Student Information Systems (SIS), create in-depth reports, and manage work-based learning activities. With Brightpath, educators and administrators can have more meaningful interactions with and impact on student success.

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“Working as a college counselor with high school students for nearly 20 years and having tried multiple ‘career assessment’ questionnaires or personality assessments…I’ve found [YouScience] to be an incredibly effective method of revealing [students’] natural strengths.”


— Director of college counseling, Texas

“The results confirmed that my aptitudes match up with the skills that it takes to be an engineer. I am more confident in my decision to major in engineering.”


— Senior student, Texas

“I can tell you from experience that YouScience has been the best career pathway tool we've used!”


— Parent, Tennessee

“It's a life-changer for students and for adults. YouScience is so impactful because it's aptitude-driven, not just based on interests.”


— United Way employee, Mississippi

“One of my students who took YouScience found it quite useful in his decision to further explore construction management. He spent the summer working on a construction site. He went on to college and majored in construction management.”


— College consultant, New York

“The tests do a great job of analyzing student knowledge of core content. I am the on-site trainer for other teachers and the site is so user-friendly that it makes my job very easy.”


— CTE teacher, New York

middle, high school, post-secondary, and community organizations use YouScience.

aptitude assessments taken.

more than 5.5 million certifications administered.

87,178,291,200 billion permutations of aptitude results.

YouScience is your dedicated, US-based, education partner

With employees from across the United States, our team of deeply knowledgeable education experts will partner with Washington to meet and exceed HSBP requirements. We provide top-level support with online resources and an experienced US-based team. Working together, Washington and YouScience will set educators, administrators, and students up for a bright, successful future.

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Dedicated partner

YouScience has been a dedicated and strategic partner with a deep understanding of Washington’s needs for more than 10 years.

Unlimited access

Educators have unlimited access to easy-to-use online resources, as well as a dedicated team that will guide them as much as they need.

Knowledgeable support team

YouScience offers one of the best and most responsive support teams in EdTech. When you reach out to connect with us, you’re connected with a real, US-based support team. We proudly average a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of 93 out of 100.

US-based company

Our team is deeply knowledgeable in the US education space and its accompanying legal, regulatory, and practical complexities; many are former educators, counselors, and administrators. We’re deeply passionate about our mission to empower educators and students.