Please note: As of Oct. 7, 2021, Talent Marketplace is now known as Employer Connections.

How can you leverage YouScience Discovery & Certifications for education best practices? Here are three tips to help you connect your students with local opportunities by bringing industry to the classroom: 


The Talent Marketplace is revolutionizing the pathway from education to employment. It’s a free tool within YouScience and provides tangible outcome for the industry-recognized certifications your students are earning. Consider it a direct connection to your industry partners. 

Right now, your students can see an “Opportunities” tab in their profile, once clicked they will see job opportunities posted by companies and can filter based on their profile results and certifications earned.

If you invite your industry partners, it makes the searches that much more relevant. You can help students visibly see the importance of their education and how it connects to local careers. 

But the benefit is not just for the students, the Talent Marketplace is engaging employers in a meaningful and intentional way by connecting their real-world opportunities to your students, and helping them indicate which certifications they are most interested in a potential candidate possessing. Employers can post internships, apprenticeships, full or part-time work. They may also offer incentives for student who have certifications or aptitudes toward their career by offering a preferred interview status and/or higher starting wage. Learn more about how it works and the benefits it brings to your company here.

Students don’t know, what they don’t know. That includes the incredible opportunities their community offers. Watch this video to see an employer’s perspective and the talent he sees in students.


Want a fun way to help students making real-world connections? YouScience Discovery focuses on aptitudes. Going way beyond interest surveys we engage students using psychometrically valid brain games that uncover insights into the talent student innately has. By focusing on their unique abilities, we provide career options for which they have a natural competitive advantageGiving students long-term options for their future.

YouScience Discovery Career Card Matches

Your students have the skills needed to succeed in the workforce. Their talent is needed. YouScience gives students vision by connecting what they’re learning to real-world jobs. This will help students way beyond graduation. 


Your school can connect with local businesses because those employers have a vested interest in promoting themselves to the future workforce in your area. Career exploration events are a great way to connect students to future jobs and allow industry experts the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge to inspire the next workforce generation. 

Check out how this Georgia school connected their students with industry partners and utilized YouScience Discovery results to bolster their resumes. 

Career days give local volunteers an opportunity to show students the benefits of industries, such as skilled trades, and combat misconceptions that shape perceptions of careers as unprofitable or not requiring high skilled employees. Industry experts can educate students about careers and help them answer the “why” question in learning. 


To find out whether your aptitude for spatial visualization makes you the next Tony Stark, or another job that will make you just as successful, try Discovery for yourself.

Talk to us how the unique YouScience Platform is revolutionizing how individuals, education, and industries connect and succeed.