While new technology brings new solutions, it also brings a new set of issues along for the ride. With the immense number of management programs, sharing platforms, and content providers introduced to us on a daily basis, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep up.

In a recent post, analyst Josh Bersin explains the vital need for a new learning method – and job title – on his blog, The Business of Talent:

“Just like all the other “chiefs” we have (Chief HR Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Engineer,…) the Chief Learning Architect owns the architecture. He or she has to get to know everything that’s out there, and everything that’s in your company too. Their job is to build a roadmap which brings together these tools, platforms, and content into a form that is easy to use, scales, and delivers great experiences. I know lots of people who do this – they tend to be both “learning geeks” as well as “technologists” – but they also have to have great leadership and communication skills. They don’t have to run a large organization, but they need a small team to go out and vet new products, work with IT, and really make sure they’re monitoring how everything works. The L&D community is filled with people who are capable of this job – but frankly I don’t see the job description very often. My suggestion: create one. If you have more than several thousand employees your L&D organization and infrastructure is probably already getting out of hand. You’re likely spending millions of dollars on training, and there is more content being produced every day. Why not invest in the skills and focus to bring it all together into a seamless, powerful employee (and customer) experience? Just like great buildings, cities, and countries are designed by architects, so is great learning.”

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