YouScience®, a breakthrough online platform, combines natural abilities, interests and career options to create a path to fulfillment.

YouScience announced today that the company has launched a new online platform called YouScience to help young adults confidently make some of life’s most important decisions. YouScience is the first and only online assessment tool that combines scientifically-valid aptitudes, interests and career options to empower young adults to make informed decisions about education and careers.

YouScience is ideally suited for young adults in the “defining decade” ages 16-26 and facing decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. YouScience patent pending service is the first to integrate the most trusted personal development and career discovery tools available into a comprehensive, online solution that is always accessible and customized to each individual.

In today’s employment market, attaining a college degree does not guarantee career success. In fact, it’s widely reported that 54 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. With the cost of tuition continuing to rise, the pressure to make better decisions as a buyer of education has never been greater.

“Our mission is to help young adults successfully transition from dependent high school students to independent, employed adults in the career of their choice,” said Philip Hardin, chief executive officer of YouScience. “YouScience is the first step in a discovery process that helps individuals understand what they will do best in life and shows them a clear path to achieving it. We’re also building the second step, a completely new way for young adults to demonstrate their readiness to enter the 21st century job market that will be available mid-next year.”

Guiding Self-Discovery and Career Exploration
Based on 90 years of science, the YouScience assessment measures the 14 natural abilities most relevant to career choice. Assessment results are delivered in a dynamic user-interface that encourages education and career exploration by comparing a range of potential careers uniquely matched to individual abilities and interests.

YouScience provides users with a detailed description of each career including the types of people who do well in the field and their daily job activities. Career profiles outline current and expected job demand as well as the educational and credential requirements of each field. The career exploration section is continually updated with the latest employment and economic data available.

YouScience powerfully enhances young adults’ progress toward meeting their educational and career goals. The information remains relevant throughout the defining decade and beyond. “It’s well documented that a student with direction and a sense of purpose performs better, stays engaged and is more successful in his or her chosen field,” said Rich Feller, Ph.D., president, National Career Development Association. “YouScience is a great tool for career professionals that streamlines the assessment and discovery process with the latest career information.”

YouScience Pricing and Availability
YouScience has a network of local representatives who will introduce YouScience to parents, counselors, high schools and universities across the U.S.

To encourage beneficial family dialogue about college and careers, introductory pricing of $399 for YouScience student subscriptions includes two parent subscriptions and is available through December 31, 2013 by visiting youscience.com.

The company was co-founded by Richard Patton, chief executive of Courage Capital Management and Betsy Wills, an entrepreneur with a background in human resources development. Both Patton and Wills serve on the board of directors of YouScience. The company is privately-owned and funded by individual and strategic investors including the INCITE fund of LaunchTN. To learn more, visit youscience.com.

About YouScience
YouScience LLC helps young adults successfully transition from dependent high school students to independent, employed adults in the career of their choice. The company launched an online platform called the College Success Profile™, patent pending, to help young adults confidently make some of life’s most important decisions. Founded in 2012, YouScience is a private company and headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., with offices in Dallas. Learn more at youscience.com.