We’re excited to have had a YouScience family showcased on the CBS Evening News in Boston. Be sure to click the link below to read the full interview and view the video.

New Online Test Helps Students Choose Career Paths

By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TV
January 20, 2014 11:27 PM

Tricia Bradley of Lexington has two talented kids; both study hard and are accomplished musicians. But, with the cost of a college degree often topping the quarter million dollar mark, she wants to make sure they think long and hard about what they want to study.

“I know so many lawyers who wish they weren’t lawyers,” she said.

Tricia’s son Carter is a junior in high school who is thinking about a career in music or sports. While supportive of his interests, Tricia wanted him to look at other possibilities. That’s why she suggested a new online assessment tool from YouScience. According to the CEO of the company that developed the program, it’s designed specifically to help students zero in on a course of study that fits their interests and skills.

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