YouScience Helps Bartow Students Map Out Careers

The tool is free to all Georgia public high school students this year.


From the Bartow County School System: What are you going to be when you grow up? It’s a question parents have asked their children for years and believe it or not, most high school students still do not know the answer. In hopes of transforming quizzical kids into confident young adults with career goals, the Bartow County School System is offering a new aptitude and interest assessment called YouScience.

The tool is free to all Georgia public high school students this year thanks to a partnership between the Georgia Department of Education, Technical College System of Georgia and YouScience.

The computer program mimics a compass; a tried-and-true navigational tool. YouScience calculates students’ natural strengths and interests, and produces highly-personalized roadmaps after a series of “brain games.” YouScience also explores core job tasks, projected job openings and educational investment needed.

“The best aspect of YouScience is the natural ability piece. Students may not realize that they’re talented in a specific area such as logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, or spatial ability. YouScience opens up a whole new world for our students,” said Kellen Cloud, a professional school counselor at Adairsville High School.

The Bartow County College and Career Academy and many Bartow County high schools assessed sophomores and some juniors in the fall. Now, students are using the results to help select their electives during class registration for the 2018-2019 school year. “For example, if a student’s top career result is nursing, then the student could use this information to register for the Healthcare pathway at the BCCCA,” added Cloud.

In addition to the fifteen Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education pathways offered at the BCCCA, each of the high schools in Bartow County also offers CTAE pathways. Adairsville High School offers eight, Cass High School offers nine, and Woodland High School offers ten.

On average, the graduation rate for students who complete at least one pathway is almost 96 percent, compared to the overall graduation rate of 83.4 percent.

“By offering more pathways, illustrating real-life business partnerships and possibilities, and breaking away from traditional interest surveys and opting for YouScience, we are cultivating a passion for learning and a greater interest in post-secondary education.

That’s beautiful to see, said Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Kimberly Fraker.

Image via Bartow County School System

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