On Aug. 28, 2019, the New Albany Gazette published an article about the Union County School District implementing the YouScience Discovery aptitude assessment for all 9th through 12th graders. The initiative was made possible with the support of the Toyota Wellspring Education Endowment Fund.

Previously, the district used only interest inventories to help guide students to college and career pathways.

The article quotes career coach David Simmons as saying, “We learned pretty quickly that students were usually only interested in [careers] to which they had been exposed. Since we began using YouScience, it has completely changed the conversation we are having with students.”

Simmons wants to dispel misconceptions around available careers, particularly those in advanced manufacturing — a major industry in Mississippi. Through field trips, career camps and job shadowing opportunities, Simmons and the Union County School District are working to prepare students to have their best-fit plan in hand or in mind for their future career pathways.

Find the full article, YouScience helps county schools measure vocational aptitude, on the Talk Business & Politics website.