Guest host Marty Carpenter of Inside Sources, a segment on KSL NewsRadio, interviewed Kellie Openshaw from YouScience on Jan. 14, 2022. Kellie is Utah state director for YouScience.

The interview titled, “Preparing Kids for the Future Jobs They’ll Love,” covered subjects from Career and Technical Education (CTE) to YouScience’s student credential account where all Precision Exams by YouScience certifications that Utah students earn in high school are housed digitally. 

Kellie also shared how YouScience focuses on aptitudes and interests to guide students to best-fit careers. “The aptitude assessments that are provided through YouScience — the students are actually given a series of exercises that measure things like numerical reasoning, spatial visualization, inductive reasoning and it takes those natural talents, that we all have but sometimes we don’t know we have, and it tells the students ‘you’ve got talents in these different areas and based on your unique talent set you are a good fit for these kinds of jobs.’” 

Hear the full interview on KSL Podcasts.

Image of tweet aboutYouScience Utah state director  interviewed on KSL Radio