Young adults deserve to make life’s big decisions with confidence

YouScience helps students reveal their paths to education and career success

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The Secret to Success is Hiding within Each of Us

YouScience uniquely helps young adults find the intersection of their:

  • Aptitudes (what they do naturally well)
  • Interests (what they love to do)
  • Career opportunities (what the job market needs)


Revolutionary, online
self-discovery process

Scientifically-valid tool to help students reveal their paths to success
Whether you are a young adult trying to find your own path, a parent seeking the best tools to engage your child, or you are an educator or counselor working with a diverse group of hundreds of students, YouScience can help. This simple to use, cutting-edge service allows students to find their true strengths and their best-fit careers.
Students and Parents Educators and Counselors

YouScience is here to help.

As students, parents and educators, we all have questions and concerns regarding the key decisions that young adults must make.

Who will I become?

Have we prepared her for the road ahead?

How can I make sure she realizes her full potential?