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Aptitude & Career Discovery is a science-backed assessment that uncovers your aptitudes

Our revolutionary Aptitude & Career Discovery takes you through a series of fun and challenging brain games to provide personalized career pathways for your unique talents. When you know what you’re capable of, you can plan for a better future. 

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YouScience® Aptitude & Career Discovery


Have you ever wondered what career to pursue or what major is right for you? Or questioned whether you might be happier in another career?

We can help you find the answers. Don’t miss out on in-demand careers where you will thrive.

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Why YouScience 

The core assessment is divided into 11 short 5-10 minute exercises, and after completion, the user receives a personalized report that surfaces their aptitudes and matching education and career pathways. The user will have access to those online results for 10 years.

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Learn how your brain performs in 9 aptitudes that are key to career performance

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See the in-demand careers that align with your aptitudes and interests

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Read details on each career and explore postsecondary pathways to get there

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Identify local employers who want and need your skills, education, and aptitudes

See what others say about their results

I took the very in-depth aptitude test recently. My results were that I should indeed not have been a pharmacist (my gut told me that)… I laughed out loud when I saw how accurate those results were. I mean, combining the 3 career suggestions YouScience Discovery is the job I naturally made for myself over the past 2 years. I so wish I’d unlocked my superpowers 18 years ago when I was still in high school!

Jamie Wilkey

Like a lot of professionals, I have suffered from “imposter syndrome” after finding myself in unsupportive work environments. When I set up my YouScience account and took the in-depth assessment, however, all those doubts were replaced by a self-pride I had lost in myself for a long time. This test isn’t just for finding out your place in the workforce – it can also remind you of the natural talents you have to offer!

Anna Goolsby

I have a lot of confidence from YouScience because before I was kind of, you know, questioning myself.  Like, will I really like this when I get into the real world?  But now with YouScience I look at my future career and I can’t wait to get out there.

Cedric Daniel

Frequently asked questions

What's an aptitude?

An aptitude is an individual’s natural ability to learn or perform in given areas. Aptitudes are not the same as interests, personality, or learned skills, which are environmentally dependent and change over time. For example, someone can’t be interested in something they’ve never been exposed to, but aptitudes are innate and solidify around the age of 14.¹ Someone is good at something that is innate regardless of exposure.

How does this inform individuals?

Once you discover best-fit careers, Aptitude and Career Discovery shows education pathways to qualify for those careers — whether certifications, colleges, or both.  You can also access real employers with in-demand internships, work-based learning opportunities, and jobs who want and need your skills, education, and aptitudes.

What aptitudes does Aptitude and Career Discovery measure?

Aptitude and Career Discovery measures 9 aptitudes that are key to career performance: idea generation, numerical reasoning, spatial visualization, sequential reasoning, inductive reasoning, visual comparison speed, timeframe orientation, vocabulary, and work approach.

Aptitude and Career Discovery also includes five added optional brain games to let users assess their aptitudes for numerical computation, associative memory, hand-eye coordination, visual memory, and pattern memory, and amplify their career matches.