A future you’ll love can be found at the intersection of talent, passion and skill.



How can you stand out from the crowd? 

The Challenge

Employers need the next generation of superstar makers, doers, creators, and builders – and you need a career. But, competition can be stiff and resumes all start to sound alike. How can you be discovered by employers who are looking for your talents and skills? How can you show them that you have what it takes to succeed?

The Solution 

YouScience puts your unique, creative, and awe-inspiring abilities on display. Learn more about employers in your area and connect with the local opportunities that align with what you like, what you’re good at, and the certifications you’ve earned. Sign up, play some brain games, and we’ll help that talent shine! 


Carson is a high school junior and a hands-on guy. He likes football, basketball, hunting, fishing, and working on cars. He combined what he discovered about his aptitudes and best-fit careers with the skills he learned in auto shop class at school, to stand out from other candidates and land a job that’s a great fit for him! 

Watch how Carson wowed the hiring manager, was hired on the spot, and got started in a high-demand industry while still in high school. 

Are you a business looking to discover your next gamechanging employee?  


YouScience works with school districts, non-profits, and workforce development groups nationwide to uncover and align talent with curriculum and industry. We get your information and opportunities in front of those students that have the abilities and skills to help your company’s future growth.