We connect education and careers to help students find success in school and life

Education leaders across the United States use YouScience® to help students discover their natural aptitudes and make the connection to what they’re learning with career and educational aspirations of tomorrow.

Our award-winning products and solutions are used in all 50 states by more than 7,000 schools. We’re proud to have helped millions of students discover their clear pathways and are committed to making these powerful tools available to all students.

We specialize in:

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YouScience Aptitude and Career Discovery
Helps students discover their natural aptitudes and connects them to highly personal and relevant pathways.

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YouScience Industry Certifications
Validates educational outcomes for career and technical education (CTE) programs through industry-recognized certifications.

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YouScience Insights and Analytics 
Utilizes real-time data and analytics to measure student success for classroom, school, and district-level reporting that empowers data-driven decision-making.

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YouScience Education and Career Plan
Enables high school counselors and students to work together to select the right courses for graduation and career development via an end-to-end planning platform.

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YouScience Work-Based Experiences
Connects real-world employers with education to create powerful experiences that help students experience work first-hand.

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YouScience Career Connections
Creates opportunities for students to work with local or regional employers matched to their specific talents and skills.

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YouScience Education Connections
Aligns students with educational institutions that are highly personalized to their aptitudes and interests.

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YouScience Professional Development
Professional development and consulting to analyze, design, and operationalize career connected learning and CTE programs.

middle, high school, post-secondary, and community organizations use YouScience.

aptitude assessments taken.

more than 5.5 million certifications given.

87,178,291,200 B permutations of Discovery aptitude results.

200+ industry-recognized certifications offered in all National Career Clusters*.


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources


Architecture & Construction


Arts, A/V Technology & Communications


Business Management & Administration


Education & Training




Government & Public Administration


Health Science
(not including NCHSE exams)


Hospitality & Tourism


Human Services


Information Technology


Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security (not including LAPSEN)






Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

*Additional Certifications include 21st Century Skills (3) and NCHSE (5)

Real-world, relevant content

Employers from across the country and in your town support students’ career exploration by sharing information on their industry and the occupations for which they hire; many also provide them with work-based learning opportunities. A few of the employers in our system include:

28,002 certifications taken in one day, the most ever.

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