Building communities by aligning talent, education, and industry.

Actionable talent pipelines

YouScience is building communities by aligning talent with education and industry. Our aptitude-based talent discovery platform uncovers users’ natural talents and aligns them with their best-fit, high-demand pathways and careers.

Actionable talent pipelines

The YouScience Advantage


UNCOVER REAL TALENT YouScience captures real measures of aptitudes (natural abilities most important to career choice).


EQUITY Unlike self-reported and interest-only surveys, aptitudes cut through gender and social biases that limit visions of opportunities.


DATA-DRIVEN TOOLS Valuable analytics allow faculty and staff to better guide to better guide students.


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Highlighting real, actionable talent makes schools and other programs more investable and better partners for local employers.


FUTURE READY STUDENTS Align talent with the curriculum, pathways and high-demand careers that best fit the individual – and the economy. Users have access to their profile for 10 years for personalized secondary and post-secondary planning.

The YouScience Advantage
Real measures of aptitudes.

Real measures of aptitudes.

Unlike traditional interest surveys, YouScience uses fun,  engaging ‘brain games’ to capture real measures of aptitudes  (natural abilities most important to career choice).

YouScience then translates those talents into real world, high-demand careers.

Why the science behind YouScience works.

YouScience has been validated by third-party agencies, state governments, and multiple independent academic institutions.

Why does it work? Unlike tests that use self-reported answers, YouScience uses aptitude-driven performance measures to uncover real abilities. Variants of these “brain games” have been in use by psychometricians for over 40 years. YouScience partnered with research foundations and psychometric institutions to create a proprietary algorithm linking natural abilities with job skills that are critical for career success.

Unique paths for unique people.

“YouScience showed me three different engineering career pathways. I’m now pursuing a career in aerospace and design engineering.” – Chandler P.

“Most of my matched careers were in engineering or medicine. When I looked through my aptitudes, interests and the careers, it all made sense.” – Mary E.

“YouScience gave me a lot of insight on what to go into after high school. It opened my mind to things I was able to do, that I never before considered.” – Kaleb C.