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Aptitude & Career Discovery  

If you already have a YouScience account, log in below and explore your aptitudes, review career matches, and find aptitude-based language for interviews, resumes, and more. If you don’t have an account through your school, get an individual account using the buy now page.

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Industry Certifications

Precision Exams by YouScience offers more than 200 industry-recognized career and technical education (CTE) exams across all National Career Clusters as well as soft skills. Use the link below to find your state and log in to see exams, print certificates, and more.

If your school uses exams from the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) or NECI 9-1-1, you can access those here too.

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Work-Based Experiences

Work-Based Experiences connect students with employers to create powerful, real-world learning experiences. Log in to help students find new WBL opportunities, manage WBL activities, create activity reports, and more.

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Employer Connections

Employer Connections lets employers build brand awareness with students certified and/or naturally wired to perform well in the very jobs they have available today. Employers also create mindshare with the talent they’ll need in the future.

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NCHSE (National Consortium for Health Science Education) exams

The National Health Science Certificate is administered through Precision Exams by YouScience. In addition to the national assessment, NCHSE offers 4 stackable course certificates.

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LAPSEN (Law and Public Safety Education Network) exams 

The Law and Public Safety Education Network and Precision Exams by YouScience provide education resource, learning standards and certifications for law, emergency, and related skills.