In an article titled, “Year after year, longtime project at Page High School brings ‘eye-opening experiences’ to participants,” published Dec. 3, 2021, the Franklin Home Page reported on a 20-year effort at Page High School. The effort focuses on connecting seniors to careers of interest. Today, that effort uses YouScience Discovery.

Previously, students wrote a paper, did 25 hours of work in their chosen career and presented their results to the class.

Today, students complete the YouScience Discovery aptitude assessment, do 40 hours of community service around the career, create a resume, write an essay and two letters of recommendation, then present to the class.

Replacing work experience with community service work helps connect students to their community. alumna Kristin Thomas said, “You can truly see and hear what the whole experience means to the Page community. It’s the educators who see the greater good in students giving back to their community along with providing the mentoring that the students need and want.”

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